Large White Recyclable Cleaning Roll 210x1500mm

R518.88 ( R518.88 per unit )

Elevate your cleaning game with our 210x1500mm Large White Recyclable Cleaning Roll. Designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability, this large garage roll is made from 100% recycled paper, ensuring your cleaning practices contribute to environmental conservation. Its extensive length makes it suitable for both high-traffic kitchens and industrial settings. Fully recyclable and compostable, this cleaning roll aligns with your eco-conscious values without compromising on practicality. Ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks, it’s the perfect addition to any eco-friendly household or business.

Product Code: GAR002
Units per Pack: 1
Unit Size: NA
Colour: White
Box Size: 345 x 345 x 205mm
Box Weight: 5,72kg


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