1000ml Kraft Brown Recyclable Noodle Box

R2,817.00 ( R6.26 per unit )

Our 1000ml Kraft Brown Recyclable Noodle Box is the ideal choice for businesses seeking both sustainability and functionality. Crafted from virgin paper, this large noodle box is perfect for hearty portions, ensuring your food remains appetizing from kitchen to customer. Its robust design makes it suitable for ‘on-demand’ delivery services, while its recyclability aligns with eco-friendly brand values. Opt for our 1000ml noodle box to offer your customers a greener packaging option without compromising on quality or convenience.

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Product Code: Nood-BxSQ/L
Units per Pack: 450
Unit Size: 1000ml
Colour: Kraft Brown
Box Size: 750 x 330 x 440mm
Box Weight: 16,9kg


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